Travelling within our Limitations.

As we are not yet in a position to travel full time, Adam and I still squeeze in adventures wherever we get chance and this weekend was no different.

In the UK we are currently celebrating Easter with a couple of extra days holiday, so spent ours in Bristol visiting friends and their little boy. After a lovely couple of days with them, we departed this morning via the local car boot where I thrifted some vintage furniture which will be up-cycled (my other passion when I’m not able to travel).

We then decided to do some ‘at-home’ travelling, taking a detour to Clifton Suspension Bridge and enjoying a lovely walk around the stunning surroundings.

Hope you enjoy our photos of the day :):

Is it a palace? Church? Parliamentary building of some sort? Nope, it’s a college (school for 16-18 year olds): stunning architecture and immaculate grounds.

We had every sort of weather ranging from lovely sunshine and blue skies (as you can see above) to stormy winds and rain! Which made some atmospheric photos, even if we did get drenched!

In the top right corner is Clifton Observatory. 


This in when the rain really hit and I was unable to take a clear photo. The blurs in the image are rain droplets! The yellow to the left is the railings protecting visitors to Clifton’s St Vincent’s (or Giant’s) Cave which can be entered through the observatory.

Has anyone done any of their own “stay-cationing”? And if so, what new things did you discover?


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