A Discovery: Travel Listography

Ever find treats that you’d completely forgotten you’d bought?

51XqMye9SsLMooching in my travel journal and book cupboard (yes, that does exist!), I stumbled across this that I must have bought about a year ago! There has always been a running joke in my family (and continued on by my husband) about me loving lists as well as the stationary to write them on and as a teacher and someone with anxiety, this particular penchant has only become more embedded in my life. Therefore a combination of these with my other favourite thing- travel- is simply perfect.

Past-me clearly thought so!

It’s full of space for not only things you’ve done, but also things you’re looking forward to doing and I was hoping some of you could help me out.

This page is one that I’m excited to be able to start filling in as of next summer:

Cities and States in the United States.


And after our travels last summer I will be able to fill in plenty of this prompt:

Cities and Countries in Europe

Other stimuli include…

  • Man-made wonders I’ve visited/hope to visit,
  • World cuisines I’ve tried/hope to try,
  • Animals in the wild I’ve seen/hope to see,
  • Hikes I’ve done/hope to do,
  • Volunteer travel I’ve done/hope to do

Randomly, it also included this image on the ‘places to spend the night’ page, which I’ve mentioned as somewhere I’d love to stay in a previous blog post, but one I didn’t realise was widely known!


Following this, there’s a section for favourites and most memorable things, before finding a space for a range of ‘firsts’ and a packing list.

Here are some more sections that I really love the look of:


The right hand lists look set to be much more full than the left, and- like I said before- I’d love your help to fill them out!

Does anyone have any “must” see/do/eat suggestions to help me fill up my new find? 

Where has been your favourite meal? What’s a great cause to help out with? What’s been your favourite natural phenomenon or national park?


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