A taste of America in Manchester


At the moment, as the rain pounds furiously on my conservatory roof and I huddle beneath my faux-fur blanket, I am pining for adventure- or at very least warmer and drier climes!

My fingers are very firmly crossed that seven nights touring beautiful Austria (and hopefully enjoying the 24 degree weather that they had last weekend!) will soon quench that desire (for a few days at least :p).


As you may know, our next BIG adventure won’t be until next Summer, where we will be hiring a Mustang Convertible (sadly not vintage- unless anyone can recommend a reasonably priced hiring company, or wants to donate one to our cause ;)!) circling California and detouring to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, whilst making pit stops in Oregon and Tijuana.

Having grown up in England, I have been bombarded with American influences throughout my life ever since I was small, so naturally I’m really excited to see the land that gave us gems such as Full House, Grease and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! (Yes, I’ve looked up locations to visit whilst we’re out there… I’m a geek). I’ve recently become hooked on  Parks and Rec too, and as a confusing combination of April and Leslie, have become obsessed with American breakfast food.

IMG_20160403_191850_-2_-3_tonemappedWith that in mind, when I recently got all dressed up, but our plans fell through, Adam and I decided to head to American inspired ‘All Stars Lanes’ in the centre of Manchester.

As well as a chic and sophisticated bar (selling drinks as diverse as £100-limited-edition-whisky, PB & J shots and milkshakes- virgin or alcoholic), they have an American-themed restaurant (with an amazing-looking dessert menu! Below) and a 10-lane bowling alley.


Having (annoyingly!) already eaten at home, Adam and I both settled for a Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake (diets be-damned!) and they were absolutely delicious. Made with ice-cream, containing fresh strawberries and topped with crushed biscuits, it really was a ‘taste-sensation’! There was also a tasty looking bar menu, but again, we’d not long since eaten, so a milkshake was a good compromise. IMG_20160403_200718_-2_-3_tonemapped

We had a 30 minute wait for a lane, but with the lovely bar there, we actually completely lost track of time, but helpfully  someone came over to collect us. This set the tone for our visit, as every member of staff that I encountered was friendly, polite and courteous. Once we got to our lane, a waitress came over and explained that she could bring us drinks rather than us needing to go to the bar and despite the fact that our foray with the pins didn’t last very long (apparently I cannot bowl without bumpers haha!) we were asked on a couple of occasion if we’d like another drink.

IMG_20160403_193731Word for the wise: the lanes are bumper-free, so I failed horribly! It definitely made things a bit more interesting though and Adam did surprisingly well!

Ultimately, my only complaint was the music: it was great- some of my favourite songs, but altogether too British for the surroundings.

We’ll be back soon I’m sure for the whole experience! I’ve already requested an American themed birthday, we’ll see whether I/ the diet can hold out until July! 😀

Other American-themed recommendations in Manchester that I hope to check out soon include…

  • Home Sweet Home (right next to All Stars! Or alternatively in the Northern Quarter)
  • Moose (on York Street)
  • Almost Famous (I’ve already been to the one in the Northern Quarter and it’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten- would love to try the others out!)
  • Infamous Diner  (Just behind the Arndale)
  • Luck Lust Liquor Burn  (Again, based in Manchester’s brilliant Northern Quarter!)


Any others that I’m missing from my list?

PS: In the time it’s taken me to write this, the sun has now come out- British weather is WEIRD.


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