Counting down!


We’re now in the final stages of countdown before we hit Austria again for a week. Four of our group are already there (well two, with two in adjacent Germany). In less than 24 hours, we’ll be touching down in Salzburg, grabbing the hire car and zooming across to Vienna where we’ll have an early night in preparation for the Vienna City Marathon the next day!

After that we’re going to enjoy slowly making our way back around the country (detouring off plan for a night in Bratislava and passing through Germany), continuing in the clockwise motion, before ending back in Salzburg for our flight back.

Stops include…

  • A return to The Salzkammergut, including Hallstatter See this time,Innsbruck (which we had to miss last time, as we were zooming between Germany and Italy),
  • Krimmler Wasserfalle (another which was on our list last time, but we ran out of time for),
  • Longer in Salzburg to fit in a ‘Sound of Music’ tour and a visit to Five Fingers,

I’m hoping to be able to update regularly, but we’ll see :).


3 thoughts on “Counting down!

  1. If you’re in Pressbaum, be sure to try the Linderhof Restaurant. It has the best wild pig I’ve ever eaten. Pressbaum also has several nice hotels and a train stop for those who don’t want to stay in downtown Vienna.


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