FA: A long, long way to run!


“What is the optimum preparation for a marathon?” I hear (none) of you ask.

My husband could reel off many a response of buzzwords such as ‘tapering’ or ‘carb-loading’, but all I can tell you is what certainly isn’t, and that’s rocking out at a music concert of your favourite band.


My feet feel like they may very well be bleeding, my head is pounding, my spine feels like I’ve been stretched… and the marathon isn’t even until tomorrow!


Thank god it’s not me who’s running it and only my mental other half!


At the ungodly hour of 7am, Will arrived- still drunk from when we’d left him only seven hours earlier. To say we weren’t expecting to see him was an understatement, but the draw of a return trip to Austria had been enough of a catalyst to get him up and out the door.


After a much more invasive than usual pat down at security and 3/4 bags failing their initial scan, we were finally through to pick up forgotten supplies, grab a leisurely breakfast and begin to panic about getting our hand-luggage only items through without additional charge on the budget flight.


12974346_127589517641279_3292238599358731221_nWe needn’t have worried, as the flight was barren, with the passengers barely outnumbering the cabin crew! I’ve genuinely never been on a flight like it, but it was bliss! Definitely not something I should (nor will get the chance to) become accustomed to!


With a joyful ‘Sound of Music’ sing-a-long from the habit-donning hen-party, we descended into Salzburg, picked up the hire car (along with every man and his wife) and hit the road (Jack).


We’d named our last car ‘Barry White’ (B for Belgium [on the reg], Barry because it seemed to be a ridiculously British name and White for the colour of the car). It was also apt because we had some tunes from the infamous man himself on the play-list we’d made.


Adam’s current car is named Leon-al Red-chi, for much the same reason.

This time we needed a famous person with a name beginning with an A and the surname of (or able to pun with) White… Not an easy challenge.

Eventually we settled with Arnold Scwhitezsnegger. Added bonus that he originates from Thal, Austria.

Driving (the speedier A road) adjacent to the Romanticstrauss, we got a taste of the beautiful sights we would get to explore again once the marathon was out of the way. The views were just as stunning but in a much moodier manner than those that we’d become accustomed to on our previous trip. The sky was like a pencil drawing, shades in different types of grey and the clouds hung so low that they hugged the mountainsides, hiding the snow-topped peaks from view.

The journey was straightforward, as usual, until the last few metres, where a 5k drive turned into a 30 minute crawl. It wasn’t our worst city drive experience by a long shot!

Not much of Vienna was able to be explored that evening as the marathoners needed controlled carbs and an early night. The apartment that we’d rented on airbnb was stunning though: immaculate and architecturally beautiful. I would happily have bought it and lived here. More on that later!



2 thoughts on “FA: A long, long way to run!

  1. The pictures are amazing. I would also like to go to Vienna! I’ve nominated you for the Nature Photo Challenge because I really like your blog!


    1. Thanks @travelfranzi :). Austria is easily my favourite country in Europe (so far!), and Vienna is lovely- Salzburg was my favourite city I think, and you MUST get a car/tour and get out to the Salzkammergut (lake district). Utterly beautiful :). Oooh, sounds interesting, thanks- what does it entail?


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