Homeward bound

I’ve said it before, but I feel it always bears repeating: I love travelling. I feel that it has this amazing transformative effect on me, allowing me to do things that my condition would normally prevent me even thinking of doing. But sitting here in the airport waiting to fly back, my body is ready for home.

There is a reason people who ‘travel’, in the truest sense of the word, do it for months or years on end, rather than for weeks.

What I have experienced was not a holiday. There was no beach for a start! But most of all, there was no relaxing. This adventure easily rivals our month-long tour of Europe as the most full-on trip I’ve ever taken.

And I planned a wedding from 4250 miles away!

To give you some perspective, one day we got up at 7am; part-drove, part-hiked up Mount Loser; drove to Hallstatt and went up to the viewing platform, before exploring the village; drove to Krimmler Wasserfall; walked up 400 meters to the middle and back down again; drove to Innsbruck; showered; and then were out again to restaurants, bars and a club, where we danced until 4am, then walked back to the guesthouse.

Aside from our brief spells in the car, we were on our feet for 21 of that 24 hour period.

By 11am the next morning Adam and I were out again, this time ascending the hills to Bergisel. By 4pm we’d managed to drag Will out and were headed for Alpine Zoo, the highest zoo in Europe and, obviously, not the easiest to traverse.

I imagine that if you’re travelling for more time, you cram less in; you allow yourself a rest; you sit down! (a foreign concept at present) With only a week, and consequently only a day on average i each city, every single second was precious.

I might be wrong. It might be the case that I’d keep cramming and cramming until I hit breaking point no matter how long I was out there. Let’s face it: the world is a big place and I challenge anyone in the world to honestly  tell  me that they’ve seen it all, or even got a taste of it.

Either way, tonight- when we finally get back from our double flight- we’ll be ordering a curry (the final part of diet-break), watching television and getting an early night!

Photos and stories of our adventures to follow :).


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