Nature Photo Challenge: Day #4


On our way to Bad Aussee after an evening in Bratislava, we detoured and stopped off at this amazing lake: Leopoldsteinersee.

Having visited lots of ‘sees’ in Austria, I think this is probably my favourite, especially as it was such a surprise. Adam had basically just spotted it on the Satnav and we veered off path slightly to visit and ended up staying for a few hours and walking around the whole lake.

Amazingly, the water changed colour based on what angle we looked at it from, sometimes being a beautiful, bright turquoise colour, and at others reflecting the stunning rust colours of the leaves.

Infuriatingly my DSLR ran out of battery as soon as we arrived, so I only have photos from my not-so-great phone.

The rule for 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge is simple. Just post your favorite nature photo and nominate another blogger every day, for 7 days. I was nominated by Travelfranzi. Please visit this awesome blog: great photos and info from travelling around Europe!

Today I nominate My Like Blog which has lots of interesting reads and tips. I particularly enjoyed reading the Bucket List post, as you can never read too many of these!


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