Travelling Pet Peeves: No 1


Love Locks: “a symbol of love and commitment. An ancient custom, which is believed to have originated in China – where lovers lock a padlock on a bridge and then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.”

At one point, this seemed limited to Paris’ Pont des Arts bridge.

However, this cliche reached breaking point last year, when one million of the metal menaces – weighing about 40 tonnes- caused part of the bridge to collapse and consequently triggered their mass removal.

Despite this, we’re still seeing them springing up in cities all over Europe (and possibly further afield too), with entire bridges dedicated to alleged declarations of eternal love.

Which is fine. I don’t really mind that, though the cynic in me would be intrigued to know how many of those couples remain as such ;).

What really bothers me are when locks are just bunged onto any old bit of metal.

It’s almost become a hobby of mine to photograph the most bizarre ones!

This is my favourite from our most recent trip: just a bit of metal wire (presumably there to protect from falling rocks etc?) in the forest beside Krimml Falls.


What are some of your irrational irritants when you’re travelling around?

Or better still, do you have any examples of love locks in odd places to add to my collection?



2 thoughts on “Travelling Pet Peeves: No 1

  1. People put locks on the Brooklyn Bridge here in New York City – the city comes and removes them periodically as well. Not only do they put the bridge at risk if too many accumulate, but there is also the danger of them being dropped on the traffic below, as the pedestrians are much higher than the auto lanes. I find them annoying, because they aren’t part of New Yorkers’ Brooklyn Bridge traditions.


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