Pranks in Vienna

Having enjoyed a leisurely morning and games of cards whilst saying goodbye not only to the gorgeous city of Vienna and our beautiful apartment, but also to a still-more-than-slightly-broken Dave and Kerry, we left the keys on the table and headed on out.

Choosing to take the stairs, Adam and I reached the bottom before a lazy (non-marathon running!) Will could make the same journey in the lift.

As it had a manual door on the outside, both of us- as one- stuck out our feet and jammed the door in place.


More silence.

And then the whirr of mechanics as the lift began to ascend once again.

Somehow, as Will dragged his suitcase down to us in the hallway, we managed to keep a straight face as he told us how he’d been stuck in the lift and had had to retreat back up to the first floor and walk down.

“Oh… I wonder how that happened?”

“Hmmm… I wonder if we could have got in the way?”

“I mean we were right outside it…”

As I type this up now, slightly merry, in a hostel room in Bad Aussee, and recount it to him, he responds with a simple: “They have strong words for people like you!”.


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