Travelling Pet Peeves: No 3

I don’t know whether this really counts as a travelling pet-peeve or just a general one, but it’s certainly one that is exacerbated by being in a tourist hot spot.

Thankfully, with travel generally comes better weather.

Now you have to bear in mind that I’m from Britain- the North of England at that- literally almost anywhere in the world has drier weather than we have. In fact, I’m typing this during a Spring which has seen sleet, snow, thunder, lightening, hail and lashings of rain!

And yet this doesn’t really seem to be an issue. We’re kind of used to it. So when the heavens open, we tend to pretty much just deal with it. We get soaked and then we do what we Brits do best: complain about it.

In fact, I think the only time I’ve seen it in England is at outdoor music concerts, which is equally, if not more obnoxious.

But step one foot out of our gloomy isles on a rainy day, and prepare to have your eyes gouged, face pronged and head drenched.

I am talking about umbrellas. Notably, umbrellas in crowded places.

I really wish I’d got photos that did more justice to quite how crammed this square was.

After nearly four weeks of sunshine and scorching heat all across Europe last year, we finally got some rain in Prague.

Now, my only jacket was locked in an underground, electronically powered carpark and yet still I didn’t resort to one of these weapons.

It’s almost as if someone’s gone ‘how can we make squeezing through a mass of people even more awkward?: Shove some vicious, multi-pronged bayonets in the mix too!

There were regular tourists, plus more walking tours than I think I’ve ever seen! 

Now, at my height (nearly six foot) I am taller than the average brolly-wielder, which means that I’m going to get poked and prodded, but I imagine even those of the shorter persuasion must constantly get sheets of freezing water dumped on them.

It’s just a nightmare. Surely it’s just common sense that although you might get a bit wetter, if you’re in a crowded space, put the brolly down.

Invest in a good hat.

Or a hood.

Anything that protects me from a future without sight!

Period dress… and an umbrella. Kinda ruins the desired effect. No?

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