Selfie Sticks: The Great Debate

I have yet to see an invention in my lifetime that has provoked such a negative reaction in so many as this innocuous gadget.

But I’m about to say some controversial things:

I don’t understand the hatred.

Yes they look bloody stupid and yes, some people may wield them about without a concern for those around them, but frankly, those are the same people who would wield their arms around dangerously too.

For instance, at the Vienna City Marathon, we actually saw a group (who had already snuck in front of one barrier at the finish line), almost take out several runners by thrusting their arms back onto the track in order to get optimum distance for the ‘perfect selfie’.

After running twenty-six gruelling miles, I imagine there’s very little difference between being punched in the face or hit with a stick.

Either way, noone’s having fun, and you have to admit that the issue lies firmly at the feet of the wielder, not the apparatus..

The positives also seem to vastly outweigh the negatives.

I remember mine and my husband’s first ever holiday together. We have two photos of us together from an entire week away. One that we’d hounded a passer by to take (where we both look slightly concerned in, as there’s always the slight fear that the person might run off with your camera!) and one that is from a ridiculously low position that we used the timer for

And if you’re travelling alone, you can’t even get each other to take photos of you.

I mean, who wants to return home from a trip, with no evidence to the fact that they were actually in these exotic and beautiful locations. With no ‘profile picture’ to show off.

Adam's Alvor photos (8).JPG
See, we could be anywhere!

Or with a photo that’s all face and no context.

As an amateur photographer, I will always come back with SD cards filled to the brim with RAW files, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for a sneaky low-quality snapshot either.

You’ll only be this young once; you’ll only ever experience this moment with your friends and loved ones once; and when you’re older you’ll only have (hopefully!) the memories and the photographs to look back on.

We are in such a privileged position, in our generation, of being able to capture any moment in an instant without limitations. No longer do we have to limit ourselves to 27 photos for an entire trip and then wait two weeks for the film to be developed.

Plus, as someone who is currently trying to shift what we’ll call the ‘anxiety weight’, I’m  more-than-happy to have photos from the chest upwards!

I often think, when visiting a tourist location how much I wish I’d invented the Selfie Stick and patented it. It’s so ridiculously simple… When you see the sheer quantity of them you have to wonder how much money the inventor is sitting on.

Enough to travel the world several times over I’d imagine.

Maybe that’s why people really hate them so much? Because they failed to cash in on such a simple concept.

Feel free to weigh in and let me know what your stance is!


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