I’m Getting Itchy Feet

No, I don’t have a problem.

This phrase came to me when making notes for future blog posts the other day, and I was left wondering whether I’d made it up.

Having looked into it, it turns out I haven’t: it’s an old British Idiom, meaning

“to start to want to travel or do something different”

And it got me thinking: how many of these crazy phrases do we all have, that now- thanks to instant communication via the internet- means that we could leave others wondering what the hell we’re talking about.

At the moment, I’m torn between craving a trip to Iceland and a desire to disappear and lie on a beach in the Caribbean for a fortnight. Not that we can afford either (in cash or holiday days!).

Bavaro, Dominican Republic, 2009

Adam managed to find flights and accommodation for a fortnight in the Dominican Republic (one of our favourite countries for the amazing people, and special because it was where we were Wed) for only about £500 each. The yearning to throw a few clothes in a bag and lie on the beach for two weeks with literally nothing to do was almost overwhelming!

Wedding collage
Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, 2013

I love travelling, but it’s also been all too long since I last got to just crash on the beach with nothing but a book and my husband for company, or float and bathe in the warm ocean water.

Riviera Maya, Mexico: 2014

EDITED to add this interesting link on the “Scientific Reason You Should Take a Beach Vacation”

On the flip side, I seem to have been overtaken by a (somewhat irrational and sudden) desire to visit Iceland.

Not necessarily somewhere that had previously appealed so much, but I have always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, which Iceland seems to be one of the best spots for, and I keep being inundated with images of the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa!

Nor does it help that cheap offers keep popping up for flights and accommodation over there- the latest being a snip at little over £100. Thankfully, we’re a little out of season, with recommendations saying that between September to mid-April are the best times to see them, so this helps us in our money-saving drive, particularly as we already have four upcoming weddings, two decent trips over this Summer, plus the month in America that I keep going on about (!) next Summer.

So for now, I’ll keep planning, keep reading ‘How Not to Travel the World‘ and my numerous copies of Lonely Planet and keep looking longingly at photos and offers!


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