Part of Your Heart…


The first place that stole a huge chunk of my heart was the Dominican Republic. It’s why we keep returning and why we chose to make twelve of our nearest and dearest fly out there to experience it with us whilst we said ‘I do’. The people there stole my heart, as did the incredible scenery and the way being there makes me feel.


I genuinely believe that the people there are every bit the inspiration for the following clichés: the idea that the people with the most to complain about smile the widest and the people with the least are those willing to give the most. Being around these people makes me a better person, forces me to slow down and enjoy ‘Caribbean time’ and helps me to put things into perspective.

It’s why I’m craving a visit so badly at the moment, as you’ll have seen from an earlier post. We contemplated, quite seriously, upping sticks and moving over there for a time, hence our attempts to learn Spanish, but it’s one of those things that has never quite transpired. There’s still time though :).

Then in 2012 came Budapest, this time a capital city, but one of such beauty that I’d never seen before and have yet to see since. This is by far my favourite city that I’ve visited in Europe, though as I’ve said in previous post, Salzburg made a big impression upon me recently.


Last Summer, Adam managed to leave part of his heart (almost literally) in Italy, where his wedding ring now resides at the bottom of Lake Garda.

And most recently, Austria has taken another chunk, this time for all three of us, for it’s stunning scenery, luscious lakes, and imposing mountains.


Each time we visit another place and each time we have to return from it, I leave part of my heart there. With so many places left to visit, it’s lucky both Adam and I have big hearts!


3 thoughts on “Part of Your Heart…

  1. I understand exactly how you feel. I want to see the world and be everywhere at the same time. So many incredible places. I’ve never been to any of the places you’ve mentioned outside of Italy, but they’re all places I would love to see one day so they can steal my heart. I think Italia has all of our hearts! Great entry 😀


    1. Thanks setmeravelles. It’s a cliche but there really are so many places and too little time! I’m currently researching for our longterm travels in a couple of years and realising how many more amazing places there are! Yes, we spent much too little time in Italy and definitely want to return for a much longer stint! :).

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