Training My Tastebuds

Despite her misadventures, our initial plans are to follow in the (Never Ending) footsteps- see what I did there?- of Lauren Juliff, author of ‘How Not to Travel the World’ (which I’ve just finished speed reading!) and head to East Asia first when we finally ‘level-up’ to full-time travelling.

The general plan stands as follows (though obviously won’t fit into neat little month boxes- some will be longer, some will be shorter: it will all depend on how much we like a place/ how we’re doing for money/ etc.):

September Taiwan
October South Korea
November Laos/ Cambodia/ Vietnam/ Thailand area
February Sri Lanka
March India & Nepal
April China
May Japan
June Thailand & Malaysia & Indonesia
July Fiji & Tasmania
August Australia



New Zealand?

Anyway, like Lauren, I too struggle with foods and have what can only be described as a ‘phobia’ of rice.

I can eat rice pudding; I can eat rice crispies; but I’ve had panic attacks when faced with the real stuff accidentally at restaurants

Over time, thanks to Adam,  I’ve gradually got better (my list of foods I couldn’t eat used to be MUCH longer and I’ve even eaten rice on two successful occasions over the last couple of years): I didn’t eat meat, or anything spicy (curry is now my favourite!), or even pasta.

Regardless, rice phobia + Asia is a disaster waiting to happen- especially as I can’t (yet) do noodles either, so- with that in mind- last night, I ‘bravely’ requested that Adam cook me- alongside familiar veg and chicken- a portion of rice.


It wasn’t the most inspiring taste-sensation, but I ate it and I didn’t freak out, which- as far as I’m concerned- is a win!

What do you think of our basic plan so far? And what food do you think I should try next?


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