It’s Not Enough…

Last September, after returning from a month-long stint around Europe, I found myself writing this as a model for my GCSE class (the prompt being ‘my favourite time of year’). It was then that I realised, albeit subconsciously, that I wanted a different life. The horrible treatment I have received within that environment since has thankfully been the push I needed to start to make those changes :).

Free As A Bird:

Freedom. That’s the best word that I can find to describe my favourite time of year. It’s a time where I can say goodbye to responsibility, goodbye to early mornings and- best of all- goodbye to being a grown up.

Generally, I see my whole year as a build-up, gradually moving me towards this crescendo. The moment when I can stem out of my classroom, knowing that a new and exhilarating adventure awaits me. The setting changes on a yearly basis: The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Europe. Anywhere that I can bask in sweltering heat and bathe in peaceful waters. Anywhere that I can spend real quality time with my loved ones.

Thinking back, I envisage myself zipping down Austria’s Romantic Strasse, soothed by the cooling air conditioning and admiring the azure shades that infuse my eyes. A most unnatural blue. A colour that shouldn’t be possible outside of Photoshop. As soon as we get chance, we pull over and the instant the doors open, the searing heat hits me, urging me towards the sweat refuge of the aqua lake awaiting me. Plunging into the refreshingly cool water, I gaze around and take in the stunning surroundings: the towering, snow-peaked mountain tops, the locals floating along in canoes, the majestic swans and other local wildlife. I can see it all so clearly, despite the shimmering haze languishing on the lake’s surface and the dazzling sun, blazing down, toasting us through the cloudless sky. Regardless of the sun’s merciless heat, I am happy here. So content to lay in the crystal clear water and laugh about nonsense with my best friends.

Six weeks. Six blissful weeks punctuated by four weeks of escapades- travelling through foreign lands and hot climes. The other two I get the opportunity to catch up with those who have been neglected the rest of the year; to pursue hobbies that have been pushed to one side because of real world bores and chores; to rest and catch my breath from the worldwind year that has gone before.

It’s true, Christmas is beautiful and magical and charming. Very little can beat being surrounded by your favourite people in front of a roaring fire, whilst the weather attacks those outdoors, but there is no need for you to exit your glorious bubble of food and drinks and presents. This year will be particularly special for me: my first Christmas in my first home. But nothing can come close to topping the feeling I get in the Summer…

That feeling of freedom.



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