A brief jaunt to Scotland

I currently write this, sat on the cold, hard and increasingly bum-numbing flagstones of Glasgow’s Hampden, having arrived ridiculously early to hopefully gain entry to the ‘pit’ of the latest gig on Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band’s European tour.

After a mainly miserable couple of months since our last adventures, this one was long overdue!

We have a few nights in store enjoying Glasgow, Adam’s home town, and visiting our favourite restaurant north of the border, which I’ve talked about in previous blog posts (I’ll add a link when I have better IT than just my phone): Wee Lochan.

“Fun” fact: We’ve since found out that ‘Lochan’ is the term for a ‘small loch’ (lake to you and me, but not Adam or his clan), whilst ‘wee’ means small. Therefore, ‘Wee Lochan’ translates to small, small loch (lake).

After that we’ll be shooting across to ‘rival’ Edinburgh to see my oldest friend marry her lovely fiancé!

Exciting times and photos to follow! 😀


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