Another ‘Dream Job’

… for my every growing list!

So far, my list includes:

  • travel blogger or author,
  • travel photographer,
  • wildlife photographer,
  • open my own shop, selling up cycled furniture/craft items,

And now I also would love to do music photography. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always loved going to festivals (particularly those without arenas).

Whilst at concerts, my camera would be confiscated before I even entered the venue (and have to rely on my phone only), at festivals I’m free to use the fanciest kit I dare take to a muddy or dusty field.

Here are some of my favourites from over the years:

Although I’m quite happy with some of the ones I took with Adam’s new phone, I’m painfully aware (mainly from the shots that are circling the internet from professionals who were in the gap between the pit and general admission behind us) of how much better they could have been with a decent body and lens!

As a creative, It’s really frustrating how difficult (almost impossible) it is to make money from these sort of  ventures. Feel free to point me in the right direction!


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