Answers on a Postcard?

It’s taken me a while to build to a point of being able to write this, as the fallout from Britain’s EU referendum continues to unfurl.

Waking up last Friday, as one of the 48%, was a sad affair, brightened slightly by the fact that I was on holiday, and surrounded by like-minded socialists.

A ‘man’ with all the moral scruples of a tin of tuna, hiding his calculating corruption behind a floppy hairdo and bumbling persona and a slug of a human being, for whom ‘rage quitting’ is rapidly becoming the norm, used lies, propaganda, fear-mongering and racism to segregate us from our European comrades for their own petty, political means.

And now they’ve all jumped the sinking ship like the rats that they are, leaving those who never wanted this in the first place, along with a few spineless, right wing fascists to pick up the pieces. Except most of those pieces are missing. Perhaps they’re in Belgium.


Getting back to the actual point of this post: our initial plan had been to put away all of our savings over the next year- as much as £6k- for our epic, month-long road trip around West USA (that I keep harping on about).

Yet now that we’re beginning to feel like strangers in our own country (because of the ignominious, morons in charge, NOT our amazing multi-cultured society!), we’re not sure we can cope with much longer on these isolated isles.

So the question is this:

Do we put our money towards the road trip as planned?

Or, instead, put it towards our world-wide trip (and ultimate relocation), ideally bringing it forward by a year, if not more?

Of course, if Trump gets in it might answer that question for us! Or if the value of the pound continues to drop, we’ll barely be able to afford a week in South East Asia!

Answers on a postcard, please?



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