A Sacrifice, a Loss and a Plan at Last

Despite over six months, about 200 Word documents pages, and innumerable websites worth of planning, we have finally made the ‘mature’, but gutting decision to cancel our California trip.

5589d16db49c4b9557caf1b8_california va mortgage2.jpg

At a time when we should be searching for and booking cheap flights to LAX, we are instead hunting down the best mortgages and despite having come into a bit of money that would cover most of the trip, we have opted for the ‘head’ over ‘heart’ option.

We came to our conclusion due to a range of reasons, but two in particular:

  1. To get the best deal on flights, we would ideally be booking them now; however, to do that would be to tie us into going at a time when Brexit has caused so much uncertainty. How gutting it would be to find, after forking out £1,000 on tickets that the exchange rate means that we can’t actually afford our car rental, accommodation and spends for our month-long adventure. Equally, it makes little sense to commit to do something that would cost so much, when the pound is so weak. Why do something for £7,000 that could be done exactly the same another time for around £2,000 less? Merely because of the invisible and intangible social construct that is the world economy.
  2. The loss part: Our best friend, road trip companion and intended Californian comrade has broken our hearts by cutting us out of his life in favour of a new girlfriend. We don’t believe we’ll ever know his reasons or understand his decision, but the thought of doing something that we’d planned to do together without him would feel deeply tainted and painfully sad.

However, we do- at last- have a definitive plan for our long term travels.

Miraculously, after only 18 months in our property, we’re looking at being able to take out a new 75% mortgage (fingers crossed!!).

This will see us through for the next three years, after which we’ll switch to a buy-to-let scheme, which will allow us to rent out our home whilst we explore the world (and ideally bring in a handy bonus £300 a month which would make a massive difference, particularly in SE Asia!).

It will also give us three years to scrape together as much money as we can, with the aim of being able to travel for as long as we can.

The plan remains to cover Asia and Australasia, though it would be amazing to fit in the America’s as well.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we wont still be travelling:

Soon we’ll be hitting Scotland for a wedding, island hopping and comedy. Plus, we’ll be trying to tick off more local locations: Stonehenge, Dover, Scotland’s (even higher) Highlands, Iceland, Greece and Italy. Plus, with a close friend having just jetted off to Canada for the next few years, we’re hoping to squeeze in at least one cheeky trip over to visit him and his lovely wife once they’ve settled in.

highland trip.png


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