Why do new locations cause us to lose our shit?!

There seems to be something about being out of our comfort zones, that means we feel like we’re indestructible, untouchable, immortal.

As can be seen in this photo:











Can’t see it?

How about now?




The girl on the left was trying the scramble down the almost vertical, volcano rock face.

People on our path had stopped. We stared. We wondered what we should do, who we should call. We all held a collective breath and crossed our fingers that we weren’t about to watch her plummet to her early death.

Then we all sighed in relief: two people seemed to be going up to help her down. A dangerous move… but incredibly brave.

They moved closer and closer, leapfrogging from rock to rock and oozing all of the confidence that our descender seemed to be lacking.

Reaching her, we all visibly relaxed… and then… they carried on by.

Already struggling, this nervous and precariously balanced young woman was forced to edge to one side to allow these maniacs to pass!

Now, don’t fear, this story has a happy ending: she made it to the bottom, visibly shaken but miraculously unscathed. But it got me thinking. Why do we put ourselves in these positions, and why do we do it so much more when we’re travelling?

Adam and I seem to be no different: upon our first visit to the Dominican Republic, we paid for a trip that we were forewarned ‘didn’t meet British health and safety standards’.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m painfully aware how ridiculously over the top these regulations are, how condescending they come across as and how much they tend to be more to cover the backs of big companies than they are to actually prevent dangers.

Maybe that’s why we opted to go for it regardless, but what it *doesn’t* explain is why, having never ever been on the back of a horse, we opted to add that extra to our trip!

If we’d been given the opportunity at home, in the UK, the odds of us just ‘going along with it’ would have been slim to none!

Oh yeah, and the other part of it? Driving. When neither of us had ever even had a driving lesson. And, ultimately, as we found out mid-trip, driving on Dominican roads!


I mean, seriously? What were we thinking?

The first thing Adam did was drive directly into the parked car in front of him; thankfully, after that we we’re moved into an automatic!

Now, as it is, it was another happy ending: we had a blast and have some amazing memories and photos to show for it.


So did we do the right thing? Should we be taking risks such as this? And, what’s the craziest thing that you’ve done whilst travelling?


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