A return.

Wow. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I put fingers to keys and published anything. After the loss of our best friend (it still feels like a bereavement), I guess my heart just wasn’t in it for a while, given it was him who encouraged me with this outlet.

But, just because my DSLRs lay dormant in the corners of our house, and no record was kept at the time, doesn’t mean that hubs and I haven’t been travelling. We have :).

After my last post about Marrakech, we did another city break/beach holiday compromise last summer with three weeks in Cuba with a (nightmare) flight to Havana in the middle (more on that later!). We’ve also been travelling the UK, done a festival with friends and spent an amazing Christmas filling our faces in Krakow (including an attempt at the 25 drinks of Christmas: vom!).

Currently booked is a return trip to Cuba- this time only an hours drive (or two hour ‘party’ train) away- rather than 16-hour-round-trip-in-less-than-two-days (again, more on that later!)- from the colourful capital, so that we can have a better exploration, freedom and more cocktails: plus, this time my DSLR is definitely coming with me!

We’ve already booked a room in Cuba 58 Hostel for two nights, and will no doubt enjoy plenty more trips in alongside reading, relaxing and snorkelling on the beach at our resort. It’s also highly likely, after a string of dodgy stay-at-home Christmases, that we’ll jet off somewhere over the Festive Period too, though nothing is booked yet.

So, why am I back now?

Well, two things:

  • Firstly, it’s the Easter holidays (yes, I’m still teaching! Though finally down to part time) and I’ve tasked myself with making a start on a Dystopian Young Adult Novel I’ve had floating around in my head for a while. In turn, that’s given me the writing bug back (I’m also trying to do the #100dayproject (for writing, exercising and embroidering and have already hit writers block on the novel, 2 days in :p).
  • Secondly, two of our best friends are going to Venice in a couple of months to celebrate the big 3-0. Hubs had told them of the amazing restaurant that we stumbled upon and ate in on our mid-roadtrip visit there. Of course, neither of us had a bloody clue what it was called, so our tip was useless. Except it wasn’t: I’d blogged about it back in 2015, so all I had to do was trawl back to the relevant post and voila (or should that be ‘Ecco’?). It made me realise, these blog posts are for me, as much (or possibly even more than) they are for anyone else bored enough to read my ramblings. They’re amazing accounts of things that I may, otherwise, forget.

So, rather than writing my novel or doing any embroidery, I’ve been post-processing my fairly shoddy phone-photos from Cuba and Krakow, ready to hopefully upload some maunderings for me to look back on later and get a giggle from.

And if anyone is still out there: thanks for reading :).

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