Old Town Havana, Cuba

Where day one had been decidedly lacking in sunshine, day two more than made up for it! (#sweatyAF) The day began with a walking tour of the Old Town and ended with a mini- cocktail crawl.

This post will be light on writing, as I think the photos really do speak for themselves :).

The little statue (The Giraldilla of Havana)  atop this tower is the same one you see adorning every bottle of Havana Club Rum.
Click to read the romantic backstory of The Giraldilla of Havana
Plaza de San Fransisco and The Basilica and Monastery of San Francisco De Asis
Some of the lovely architecture in the square 🙂


We encountered lots of these ‘caricaturists’ on our travels, they were trying to sell their wares. They were a little exhausting, but also gave us a good giggle and weren’t aggressive in their bids to sell.
copy20170810_153903_HDR_-2_-3_tonemapped (6).jpg
There were also street vendors selling tubes of peanuts and this guy was selling sweet crisps/chips


There were street performances too. This guy and his pet pooch were doing tricks, which I normally wouldn’t approve of, but I figure this dog is probably one of the best looked after in the City! The statue you can see is El Cabaello De Paris


I loved the look of this place, but as we didn’t have another evening, we didn’t get to experience it: this year we will for sure!
c (2)
Loved this Jazzy guy outside too 🙂


Hotel Los Frailes  or ‘The Monk Hotel’, due to the building’s former purpose.
This shade was MUCH appreciated!
Stunning colours and kissing senoritas. You can get a photo/kiss with these ladies for a bit of loose change.


c (3)


copy20170810_153903_HDR_-2_-3_tonemapped (8)
The view from the rooftop bar at Hotel Ambos Mundos.
I ordered a delicious and refreshing limon daiquiri
But wish I’d opted for a Pina Colada as it comes in a pineapple ‘glass’! Another good reason to return :p.


Enter a caption
Inside Catedral de San Cristobal. To go inside properly, you need to be hatless and covered up. They offer coverings for people to hide their modesty if they, like me, are dressed for the extreme heat!


I’m not a huge fan of Mojitos at ALL, but had to have one at their  alleged birthplace: La Bodeguita Del Medio
And it did NOT disappoint. I actually loved it, and the ambiance was great too. There is nowhere in this City that doesn’t have a live band tucked away!










These Churros were amazing, were cooked fresh in front of us and cost us pennies!
This guy made THE best Pina Colada I’ve EVER tasted, for only 3 CUC- it was so good, I tipped him the same amount again! Cafe Habana


These guys came past as we were enjoying our last cocktail of the trip in Café Habana.
c (1)
This is one of my favourite car photos of the trip :).



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