Our ‘Fuckit’ List

Okay, that sounds dirtier than it did before I put pen to paper (or should that be key to screen? Fingers to keys? Doesn’t really have the same effect, does it?)

Now, there are a lot of stressful things to sort and a lot of money to get together before we can travel the world, but not a lot of constructive stuff we can do about it until just before we actually head off (other than stress).  Therefore, rather than looking at the two+ year period as a waiting game or obsessing about things out of our control, we’re instead gonna attempt to consider the UK/Europe-based things that we want to achieve over this time.

So, instead of a list of things we want to do before we ‘kick the bucket’, here are a list of things we want to do before we say ‘fuck it’. We probably wont finish all of them, but it’s still good to have some to come back to :).

  • Make it to 250 park runs (Adam, not me!!) and receive his last t shirt (he’s currently done 200 of them- including one in Krakow- and is hoping a few more international ones spring up before we head off. We’ve already arranged to do Singapore on a weekend, so that he can do the one there)
  • Buy a ‘Rat Race’ Season Pass– yes more running. Not content with five marathons, two 20 mile assault courses and god knows how many other events spanning the last decade, he wants to do this too. For more details, read here. He seems intent on killing himself before we manage to step foot on a plane!
  • Hike up Snowdon: We love climbing in mountains, and although Austria may have spoilt us, we’d like to do the one closest to home.
  • Stonehenge: This should be an easy one as it’s within driving distance. I’d also love to do it at Summer Solstice though, which is a tad more limiting,
  • White Cliffs of Dover: Again, this shouldn’t be that complicated, as it’s down the coast from Adam’s Nanny, and yet…
  • Rome: So I’ve wanted to do Rome for the longest time, but stuff always seems to get in the way! Back when I was 17, I put down a deposit to go with college, but unfortunately, as I was only friends with boys and they wouldn’t let me share with said boys (*rolls eyes*), I cancelled. Since then, we’ve looked into it, but never quite got there. We’d love to do it as part of an Italian roadtrip, so that’s definitely a possibility.
  • Iceland: The Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon are defo high up on my list of close-by places to visit, but we’re limited on what time of year to visit, which paired with my inability to take holidays from work, can make it difficult to fit in.
  • Greece: Every time we look into Greece, I get overwhelmed by all of the different islands and ultimately pussy out. I think that secretly we just wanna go because we love Greek food! Haha.
  • More of the Scottish Highlands and Islands: We had to get from Adam’s Dad’s wedding in Dumfries and back to meet friends in Edinburgh via the highlands on two very set dates, so could only go so high up the country. I still really wanna visit Stornoway and some other places, but we need to wait long enough to have repressed the horrendousness of the midges!

Does anyone have any places in the UK or Europe that are not to miss before we head further afield?

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