For Hire

Having spent fours years achieving two high class degrees spanning English, Media and Teaching, I have many transferable skills to offer up. I have also pursued a successful teaching career for the past five years, which has developed my writing further still.

Likewise, I have been pursuing my passion for photography over the past ten years, which has allowed me to develop ever increasing skills, as well as produce a strong back catalogue of stunning travel shots, some of which you will be able to see on my individual blog posts.

Both these and future images are available for purchase, and I am also available for hire to capture, through both text and image, your hostel, attraction or even town/country. My persuasive writing, as well as descriptive and informative (can’t you tell I’m an English teacher!), is strong- so long as you don’t ask me to sell myself (!).

Alternatively, I offer competitive rates for proof-reading, editing or revising other works, specialising in spelling, punctuation and grammar.