Scotland: moody, brooding and bleak, but undeniably beautiful.

Despite having so much to say about our most recent trip, I have been unusually quiet: this is for one reason. Because we returned to a laptop with minimum keyboard function. Typing a blog without most of the numbers and half of the letters actually working is, unsurprisingly, incredibly frustrating! We’ve had to buy an … More Scotland: moody, brooding and bleak, but undeniably beautiful.

A Sacrifice, a Loss and a Plan at Last

Despite over six months, about 200 Word documents pages, and innumerable websites worth of planning, we have finally made the ‘mature’, but gutting decision to cancel our California trip. At a time when we should be searching for and booking cheap flights to LAX, we are instead hunting down the best mortgages and despite having come into … More A Sacrifice, a Loss and a Plan at Last

Wedding Season

It’s June and the season is well and truly upon us. The first weekend of June we enjoyed a wonderful break in Scotland, then we nipped across Lancashire and we wrapped things up with a trip to Leicester. Three ceremonies in just over two weeks! It’s a good job that I love a good wedding! All three were … More Wedding Season

California Dreaming

With things up in the air at the moment with a member of our tremendous trio, I’ve been spending more time looking at mine and Adam’s 18-months around Asia and Australasia than focusing on our month-long adventure in Western USA this time next year. But, after a friend who’s looking to fly down from Canada … More California Dreaming

Another ‘Dream Job’

… for my every growing list! So far, my list includes: travel blogger or author, travel photographer, wildlife photographer, open my own shop, selling up cycled furniture/craft items, And now I also would love to do music photography. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always loved going to festivals (particularly those without arenas). Whilst at … More Another ‘Dream Job’